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Traditions of sanatorium-therapeutic rehabilitation (↓)

Balneoclimatic conditions and natural healing resources (↓)

Sanatorium and resort complex (↓)

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Resort «Nalchik» is a resort of federal significance (↑)

Resort “Nalchik”, an all-season balneological and climatic health resort of Federal significance, is located in the foothill zone of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic at altitudes of 500 to 560 meters above sea level, in the most comfortable climatic region of the capital of the republic Nalchik-resort area of Dolinsk. Rich traditions of sanatorium-and-spa services for the population and rehabilitation therapy are more than 80 years old as an All-Russian health resort.

Unique climatic conditions, as well as the presence of a large number of effective natural healing factors put the resort "Nalchik" on one level with the world-famous resort centers of Europe. From three sides the city is covered by a wide half-ring of wooded mountains, due to which a certain microclimate is created on the territory of the resort zone, which positively influences the physical state of the organism. The southern part of the city adjoins directly to the mountain-wooded zone, where a huge park with lakes is stretched, and further in three to four kilometers, - the resort area of ​​Dolinsk, where sanatoria, rest houses and tourist centers are located. The resort area covers an area of ​​about two thousand hectares, most of it park and forest-park, consisting of coniferous, deciduous, fruit and ornamental trees.

In addition to its successful location, rich history as a resort of All-Union and All-Russian importance, the resort "Nalchik" has all the necessary infrastructure for treatment and rehabilitation:

- a wide variety of natural medicinal resources, including iodine-bromine, nitric-thermal, hydrogen sulfide mineral waters, hydrocarbonate-sodium medicinal mineral water, significant reserves of the world-famous mud of Tambukansky Lake (long-term bunker storage of volumes sufficient for decades).

- a network of sanatoriums, health camps and recreation centers, as well as medical and diagnostic facilities, one of the few functioning health centers for therapeutic loads in our country;

- universal transport accessibility (including air, rail and road transport connection with other regions),

- recreational facilities for tourists and those who undergo therapeutic treatment, including a wide excursion program for the sights of the republic (all major destinations are in immediate transport access, from an hour to two), cultural events (concerts of national music and dance, performances by the state philharmonic society), access to the points of sale of souvenirs that are on the territory of the resort.


Traditions of sanatorium-therapeutic rehabilitation (↑)

Nalchik resort, as a climatic station, exists since 1900, but the wide construction and development of the resort began at the end of the first quarter of the 20th century.

Already in 1921 the workers of the young Soviet republic were sent here for rest. Since 1932, in connection with the search for a new base of medicinal mineral waters, the resort from the climatic station for tuberculosis patients is transferred to a resort for the treatment of general therapeutic patients. In 1935 the construction of the capturing of the Belorechensky sources was completed and their debit was significantly increased. A year later the resort had its own medicinal drinking water. In the same period, mud from the Tambukanskoye Lake was brought.

In 1936 Nalchik was ranked to balneoclimatic resorts of federal importance. Before the war six sanatoria were already functioning in Dolinsk, in which over 10 thousand people rested and treated during the year.

Especially rapid development of the resort Nalchik began after the decision of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR in 1959 “On the development of the resort of Nalchik and the organization of recreation, tourism and mountaineering in the Elbrus region”. In 1964, by the decision of the Board of the Central Council for the management of health resorts of trade unions, Nalchik was recognized as a health resort of Union status by a health center of all-Union significance.

As a result of the implementation of measures stipulated by the government resolution, the Nalchik resort will turn into a blossoming health resort of the Soviet Union, into one of the wonderful places for rest of the working people of a huge country. Residents of all corners of the USSR came here for treatment. The network of medical institutions grew from year to year, their capacity increased, and the effectiveness of treatment improved. The sanatoriums were equipped with new equipment. The resort employed about 400 doctors. In 1969, a well of new mineral hot water was opened with a production rate of over 12 million liters per day. In the sanatoriums of Nalchik rested in 1958 - 36,000, in 1968 - 80,000, in 1971 - 100 thousand people.

In the late 80-ies the resort of Nalchik in its development reached its apogee. To the services of numerous guests of the resort, who came for rest and treatment were 15 sanatoriums, 3 boarding houses, rest houses.

In 1999, by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 31, 1999 № 1203 resort Nalchik awarded the status of a resort of federal significance.


Balneoclimatic conditions and natural healing resources (↑)

The resort of Nalchik is a balneo-mud and mountain-climatic health resort with the specialization of medical profile for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the circulatory and nervous system, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, digestive system, genitourinary system, endocrine system diseases, eating disorders and metabolic disorders, as well as skin diseases and subcutaneous tissue.

The climate of the resort is determined by its geographical location. The main Caucasian ridge serves as a sharp climatic boundary between the moderately warm North Caucasus and the subtropical Transcaucasia. Due to the proximity to the snow mountains and the abundance of woody vegetation, the air here is extremely clean, there is no dust, smoke and harmful fumes, the presence of ionization with the predominance of curative light negative ions is also an indicator of the absence of air pollution.

The winter in the resort is moderately cold, with little snow, with an unstable snow cover and frequent thawing of snow. A large number of sunny days makes it bright and beautiful. Spring is early, long, with abundant precipitation and an average air temperature of +8.4°. Morning  and evening frosts and increased relative humidity, causing fog are typical for the region. Summer is relatively dry, hot and long, with a lot of sunny days. Rainfall, with thunderstorms, falls mostly in May. Autumn is warm, dry and long, with lots of sunny days. Since the second half of October, foggy days are becoming quite a lot. Snow begins to fall in late November, but a steady snow cover is not formed. The weather is relatively stable and does not differ by sharp daily fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and temperature, which ensures the year-round functioning of the resort.

Kabardino-Balkaria has significant hydromineral resources, which are successfully used for spa and wellness purposes. Within the republic there are more than 100 manifestations of mineral waters belonging to different groups of waters. 8 deposits of medicinal mineral waters with approved balance operational reserves in amount of 10.835 thousand m3 per day were explored.

At the resort of Nalchik, for external use, Belorechenskaya mineral water and Nalchik mineral water "Dolinsk" are used, and for the internal water - water from Dolinsky springs.

Since 1952, the medical practice of the Nalchik resort has introduced the treatment of bowel diseases by underwater washing with its Belorechensk mineral water, the so-called subaqueous (underwater) baths. The main indicator for the appointment of underwater intestinal rinses with mineral waters are: constipation, chronic colitis, metabolic diseases (gout, diabetes, obesity). The use of underwater lavage of the intestine gives good results.

Especially effective water treatment is observed in combination with therapeutic mud from the Tambukansky lake.

In accordance with the "Classification of mineral waters and medicinal mud for certification (MU No. 2000/34 MZ RF)" mud deposits of the Tambukanskoye deposit belong to therapeutic silt highly mineralized highly sulfide muds of continental reservoirs. Their balneological value is due to good viscoplastic and thermal properties, high content of iron sulphides and water-soluble salts.

Studies have established that Tambukan mud has a broad spectrum of action: immunocorrecting, desensitizing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, analgesic and hormonal effects.

Medical indications for the use of Tambukan mud:

Arthritis and polyarthritis of non-tubercular origin, deforming arthrosis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, infectious non-tubercular infections, otitis, myositis, fibromyositis, bursitis, contractures, osteomilites, trophic skin ulcers, radiculitis, polyneuritis, encephalitis, poliomyelitis, gynecological diseases, digestive diseases, vascular diseases System, diseases of the genitourinary system (chronic prostatitis, cystitis), respiratory diseases of a non-tubercular nature, ear, nose, skin, eyesight, gums.

It is necessary to note the use of naftalan by the method of  N.A.Tuaev in the form of mud-phthalane procedures and photoparafinonaphthalan therapy. The admixture of naphthalan softens the action of mud on the heart and sharply increases the estrogenic effect of mud, especially with gynecological diseases, since fullilliculate substances in naphthalan are several hundred times greater than in mud. Indications and contraindications for the use of this mixture are basically the same as for mud therapy.

For vacationers, according to the doctor's prescription, balneological procedures are available: underwater shower-massage, iodine-bromine, nitrogen-thermal baths, therapeutic mud applications. In addition, the use of mineral water, oxygen cocktails and phytotherapy is widely used.

The peculiarity of sanatorium-and-spa treatment is its preventive orientation, which helps to prevent the development of diseases and the effective treatment of diseases in the initial stage. In this regard, this issue is given paramount importance, for diagnosis and detection of various diseases at the initial stage.

To solve these problems, most health resorts are equipped with the latest equipment. Restorative measures are carried out in a complex manner; actively used climatotherapy in combination with physiotherapy, therapeutic nutrition, therapeutic physical education.

Sanatorium and resort complex (↑)

The sanatorium complex is represented by 22 institutions, including 13 republican property objects, 5 private and 4 departmental sanatoriums providing sanatorium and spa services. The total bed capacity of the sanatorium establishments in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic is 5351 places.

The sanatoriums of the resort "Nalchik" specialize in the following disease profiles:

• circulatory system;

• nervous system;

• respiratory system;

• gastrointestinal tract;

• musculoskeletal system;

• female and male reproductive system;

• organs of the ear, eyes, skin;

• occupational diseases;

• treatment and rehabilitation of children;

Also, one of the types of sanatorium treatment is a Health path  (Terrenkur) - dosed walking along the equipped route. This brand of Nalchik appeared in 1979 and was then the only one in the North Caucasus. Soon, the Health path became a favorite vacation spot for many citizens and visitors of the city, was named "1000 steps" or "Path of Health".

The Healt path covers an area of ​​1.6 hectares, and its total length is 2620 m, the highest point is 843.13 above the Baltic sea level, within the Kizilovka mountain range, the steepness of the rises is 20 to 45 degrees. The route was determined on the spot, taking into account the given slopes, geological composition of the soils. For Health path was chosen a beautiful mountain area with clean air, without crossing the center line of the cable car and the road to the top of the mountain. During its construction, the relief of natural gutters and existing vegetation were preserved.

The abundance of greenery and exceptional purity of mountain air filled with the scent of pine trees, the coolness of the waters of the mountain river Nalchik, the majestic panorama of the mountains and the predominance of sunny days create favorable conditions for rest and treatment.

The main means of treatment in the resort: climatotherapy, balneotherapy (iodine-bromine, nitric-thermal, hydrogen sulfide mineral waters), hydrocarbonate-sodium therapeutic mineral water, peloidotherapy (mud therapy using the world-famous mud of Tambukansky lake), paraffin-naphthalan treatment, hydrokinetic therapy Complex of physical exercises on mineral water).

In addition to medical procedures, health resorts are provided with hotel services, a well-developed cultural and entertainment program for children and adults, including excursions to the sights of the city and beyond.

For the organization of travelers leisure stadiums, swimming pools (including mineral water), playgrounds, attractions, restaurants were built. At the end of 2014, the 500-seat Resort Hall, equipped with the latest technology, was inaugurated, and was designed not only for organizing concerts, but also for watching films and holding scientific conferences. 


"Sanatorium" Gorniy Rodnik "

Sanatorium "Gorniy Rodnik" is a subsidiary of JSC "Resort Nalchik". The territory of the sanatorium is a beautifully landscaped park with blue firs, footpaths and a guarded parking lot.

In addition to effective treatment, guests of the sanatorium can firmly rely on excellent service and valuable interesting leisure time.

The institution includes two eight-storey sleeping and two two-storey buildings, a dining room, a health center: a medical building, a cafe-bar, sports and recreation facilities.

Wireless Internet access (wi-fi) is available free of charge for the guests of the sanatorium in the hall of the buildings.

Address: 360000, Russia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Nalchik, Dolinsk, Sanatorniy proezd

Phone: +7 (8662) 72-02-13, (8662) 72-08-55.



«Health resort« Grushevaya Roshcha »

Health Resort "Grushevaya Roscha" is a subsidiary of JSC "Resort Nalchik". The territory of the sanatorium is a park zone with coniferous and deciduous trees, equipped with pedestrian paths, benches for rest.

Despite the considerable age the sanatorium has been functioning for more than 50 years, the team managed to preserve the richest experience of sanatorium-resort treatment, which has been worked out for decades.

In two sleeping 8-storey buildings can accommodate 565 holidaymakers (92 rooms).

Wireless Internet access (wi-fi) is available free of charge for the guests of the sanatorium in the hall of the buildings.

Address: 360000, Russia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Nalchik, Dolinsk, Marco Vovchok street.

Phone: +7 (8662) 72-00-05, (8662) 72-08-87.



"Sanatorium" Drujba "

The history of  LLC "Sanatorium" Drujba " began since 1967. During this time people from all corners of our country have had a rest in the sanatorium and have undergone multidisciplinary treatment.

LLC "Sanatorium" Drujba " is a comfortable all-year-round health resort, located in the heart of the resort area of ​​Dolinsk. Today, the sanatorium "Druzhba" is able to receive more than 180 person at a time. This figure is increased to 300, when children come to the sanatorium.

Sanatorium "Drujba" is a subsidiary of JSC "Resort Nalchik".

On the basis of the sanatorium, patients are provided with qualified and specialized help with the use of resort factors: climatotherapy, health path, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy procedures, physiotherapy exercises.

Wireless Internet access (wi-fi) is available free of charge for the guests of the sanatorium in the hall of the buildings.

Address: 360000, Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Nalchik, Dolinsk, Sanatorniy proezd

Phone: +7 (8662) 72-01-62; (8662) 72-05-80; Fax: (8662) 42-75-75



«Sanatorium« Mayak »

OOO Sanatorium "Mayak" has been operating since 2004. The territory of the sanatorium is a small, but well-maintained park area with huge blue fir trees, footpaths and a guarded parking lot.

In 2009, the "Mayak" sanatorium was awarded a 3-star category certificate.

Address: 360002, Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Nalchik, Dolinsk, Kanukoeva street, 4

Phone: (8662) 72-00-77, 72-00-55, 72-00-66.



"Sanatorium" Dolinsk "

It is located in one of the most picturesque corners of the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria in the park area of ​​Nalchik – Dolinsk area.

Warm, moderately humid, mountainous climate and natural healing factors favorably influence the body for the purposes of treatment, prevention, hardening of the body and strengthening of health.

The buildings of the Sanatorium are buried in the greenery of the evergreen park. There is also a shallow river Nalchik. It introduces a peculiar color into the relief and increases the natural beauty of the resort area.

The resort area is surrounded by a half-ring of mountains, which protects it from strong winds and creates conditions for a soft microclimate. From the windows of the sanatorium you can see a stunning view of the majestic mountain peaks.

The Dolinsk sanatorium can simultaneously accommodate about 700 people, there is a wellness center (with a swimming pool, sauna, billiards), sports grounds, a football field, a summer indoor dance floor.

Address: 360002, Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Nalchik, Dolinsk

Phone: +7 (8662) 42-31-19, (8662) 72-02-38, fax +7 (8662) 72-06-00



 "Sanatorium" Golubie Eli"

The territory of the sanatorium is a park, beautifully landscaped, with marked footpaths for dosed walking, pavilions, benches, sports and dance floors. On the roof of the dormitory there is an aerosolarium for taking sun and air baths.

Address: Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Nalchik, Kanukoeva Str. 2

Phone: (8662) 720-791, 720-749


"Sanatorium" Kavkaz "

LLC Sanatorium "Kavkaz" is located in a well-maintained and well landscaped area with a total area of ​​20 hectares. The sanatorium carries out the treatment and rehabilitation of children from 6 to 15 years old, as well as adults and parents with children.

In the living area medical, diagnostic blocks, dining room are located. In addition, there are facilities for training, cultural and public services and administrative purposes.

Address: 360901, Russia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Nalchik, Belaya Rechka.

Telephone: +7 (8662) 72-45-30; (8662) 72-41-69



"Sanatorium" Chaika "

Three-storeyed building of sanatorium "Chaika" with ancient architecture had its second birth in 2007 after reconstruction and equipment with the most modern equipment. The territory of the sanatorium on the basis of a natural forest landscape with an area of ​​about 2 hectares passes into the forest park zone of the resort, where there are general health walking routes – “Path of Health”.

The sanatorium has a main (location of residential, medical, diagnostic buildings and a dining room in the same building) and a health center, where there is a swimming pool and a sauna. The sanatorium is designed for 75 person functioning all the year-round.

Internet in the reception. Free Wi-Fi

Address: 360002, Russia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Nalchik, Dolinsk, Marko Vovchok Str, 4

Phone: +7 (8662) 72-09-15; (8662) 72-03-64.



"Sanatorium" Nalchik "of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia"

Occupies the territory of 20 hectares, most of which - park area with the developed routes for therapeutic walking.

It is designed for accommodation and treatment of 300 tourists simultaneously.

Address: 360025, KBR, Nalchik, Dolinsk, Shogenentsukova Ave., 9

Phone: +7 (8662) 42-67-00, + 7 (8662) 42-67-14


Sanatorium "Dolina Narzanov"of JSC "Russian Railways"

It is located in the resort area of Dolinsk in the city of Nalchik with a capacity of 150 people.

Address: 360002, Kabardino-Balkaria, the city of Nalchik, Dolinsk, Marco Vovchok str, 4.  

Hotels in the Elbrus region (↑):




Number of places


Hotel « Shahrezada»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Azau Star»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Meridian»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Freeraid»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Chiran Azau»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Cristal»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Alpina»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau

8928711-25-26 NARBEK@MAIL.RU



Пансионат «Antau»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Azau





Hotel «Elbrusia»

КБР, Эльбрусский р-н. п. Терскол





Hotel «Semerka»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Cheget





Hotel «Chiran Cheget»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Cheget




Hotel «Ozon Cheget»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Cheget




Hotel «Povorot»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Cheget





Hotel «Cristal 139»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Polyana Cheget





Hotel «Sem Vershin»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district





Hotel «Pik Evropi»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district






Hotel «Ksi Ozon»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district






Hotel «Sky Elbrus»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district






Высокогорный отель «Liprus»

KBR, Elbruskiy municipal district

 Elbrus 4000 m above sea level



Hotels of Nalchik (↑):


№ п/п




Number of places


LLC «Hotel «Djamilya»


8 967 411 8880,

8928 076 8886



LLC «Hotel «Sin Don»

Nalchik, Bittirova str,141


775669 - факс



LLC «Hotel«Crasotel»

Nalchik, Shukova str, 39




LLC «Hotel «Drive»

Nalchik, Suvorova str, 356




OJSC «Spa Hotel «Sindika»

Nalchik, Pirogova str, 8




LLC «Hotel «Russia»

Nalchik, Lenina Ave, 32





МУП «Hotel «Uyut»

Nalchik, Pirogova str, 4А





LLC «Cinema» - «Hotel «Grand Caucasus»

Nalchik,  Tarchokova str, 2





MUE «Hotel «Bisim»

Nalchik, Idarova str, 124А





LLC «Hotel complex «Stariy Dvor»

Nalchik, Mishidj str, 55

г. Нальчик,

ул. Мисхидж 55



LLC «Hotel «SK»

Nalchik, Idarova str, 150/1




LLC «Sanatorium «Nart»

Nalchik, Lermontova str, 2





LLC «Hotel Complex «El Toro»

Nalchik, Golovko str, 103





LLC «Hotel «Meridian»

Nalchik, Atajukino str, 12





LLC «Hotel «Korona»

Nalchik, Balkarova str, 6





LLC «Hotel «Trek»

Nalchik, City park





LLC АУСЦ  «Nalchik»

Nalchik, Pacheva str, 34





Hotel «Fruktoviy Sad»

449th  km of Federal  road "Kavkaz"


+7 (8662) 91-51-31



Pensions and tourist bases (↑)

Rest house "DYNAMO" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of KBR, Elbrus district, Terskol, 8 (86638) 7-12-85

It is located in a beautiful pine forest on the bank of the Azau River at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level, next to the narzan source one kilometer from the Cheget cable car complex.

Single, double, triple rooms with all conveniences, in a cottage of "lux" (TV, refrigerator). There is a dining room, sauna, bar, rental of tourist and mountaineering equipment. Meals are offered on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner). The base is open all year round and can accommodate 50-60 people at a time. 

Rest house "BAKSAN" KBR, Elbrus district, Tegenekli, 8 (86638) 7-11-50

Several modern buildings are located in the village. Tegenekli on the left bank of the Baksan river, between the resort villages Elbrus (1.5 km) and Terskol (10 km), at an altitude of 1,850 m above sea level. It has a large private territory with coniferous forest and beautiful alleys with pavilions. The rest house has two-room rooms and two-level rooms with a fireplace. The hotel windows offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountain landscapes. Guests are offered a SPA-complex, swimming pool, sauna, narzan baths.

Rest house "PRIELBRUSIE" of the Administration of the President of Russia. KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus village.

It is located in the picturesque gorge Adyl-Su, at the confluence of the Adyl-Su and Shkhelda rivers in the pine forest, next to the narzan source. The ski runs of Cheget and Azau are 17 km away. The hotel offers modern suites and rooms with improved layout, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable rest. You can have a good time in the bar or fireplace hall, where you will be served delicious dishes of national and European cuisine. 

Guest house "Elbrus" KBR, Elbrus district, Tegenekli, 8 (86638) 7-86-71, 8 (86638) 7-83-75

Located in the picturesque Baksan Gorge, at the same time can accommodate up to 300 guests in 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms of various categories. There is an information and sports complex on the territory, which includes a conference hall, a meeting room, a gymnasium with stands for volleyball, basketball, etc.

In 50 meters - a slope for driving with a rope-path, illuminated at night for night skiing. Additional infrastructure: hookah bar, disco-bar, restaurant, sauna, billiards, equipment rental, laundry.

 Guest house «CHEGET» KBR, Elbrus district, p. Terskol 8 (86638) 7-16-72, 8 (86638) 7-16-73, 8 (86638) 7-14-80

Guest house "Cheget" for 289 places is located in a pine forest, at the very foot of Cheget, near the lower station of the cable-chair lift to Cheget. Number of rooms - 1, 2, 3-bed rooms of different categories. Provides meals and a shuttle service. To services of guests: parking, restaurant, bar, cinema hall, disco, library, sauna, billiards, tennis court, basketball, volleyball courts, ski storage, rental of ski equipment.

Guest house "ITKOL" KBR, Elbrus district Terskol, 8 (86638) 7-16-60, 8 (86638) 7-16-27

Guest house «Itkol» is a five-storied building, designed for 270 seats. Connected by the transition from the dining room. Located in a pine forest 1 km from the complex of cable cars "Cheget", 2 km from the village Terskol and 4 km from the complex of cable cars "Elbrus". Coaches run to the ski lifts of Cheget and Elbrus. Half board - breakfast and dinner, rental of ski equipment, equipment repair shop, ski storage, ice skating rink, sauna, bar, library, parking, medical center, table tennis.

Guest house «VOLFRAM» KBR, Elbrus district, Terskol. 8 (86638) 7-14-22, 7-12-96

The 8-storied building with 2-bed rooms with balconies and mountain views is located in the center of the village of Terskol on the bank of the Baksan river. The guest house is designed for 120 people. It takes 10 minutes drive from the ski lifts. Infrastructure: sauna with swimming pool, ski rental, ski storage, workshop, cafe, lounge with fireplace, bar.

 Hostel "KBSU" KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus, 8 (86638) 7-81-92

The camp of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University is located in a picturesque place of the Baksan Gorge at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, 10 km from the cable-cars, buried in the greenery of age-old coniferous trees. It is a five-storied building in a complex for 182 places with a block arrangement (2-, 3-bed rooms have a shared shower, washbasin, toilet). On the territory of the camp there is ski rental, bar, billiards.

Hostel “KIZILOVKA” KBR, Nalchik, Kabardinskaya str, 142. 8 (8662) 77-25-84, 8-928-701-70-80


Hostel  “BLUE LAKES” KBR, Chereksky district, Babugent, 8-928-076-17-86, fax 42-26-18

The camp "Blue Lakes" is located in front of the Cherek Gorge at an altitude of 820 meters. Wide steps lead up to the five-story main building of the camp. Pyramidal evergreen thuies lined the staircase. It is able to accomodate 570 tourists at a time, 270 of them all year round. In the main building there are two-, three-, four-bed comfortable rooms. Modern dining room, cinema and concert hall, room for board games, library. Accommodation for 2-3 people in cottages is also possible.

 Hostel “Elbrus” KBR, Elbrus district, Teganekli, 8 (86638) 784-70; 8 (86638) 783-75;          8 (86638) 781-19; 8 (86638) 781-23

The camp is located on the right bank of the river Baksan, in a coniferous forest, at an altitude of 1820 meters above sea level. In 1,5 km from the village. Elbrus, at 10 and 12 km from the complex of cable cars "Cheget" and "Elbrus". The camp has a fairly wide range of options for settlement. There are following facilities: dining room, bar, disco, ski and tourist equipment rental, ski storage, medical center, sauna, sports ground, billiards, table tennis, drag lift. The hostel has double, triple rooms with private facilities. Provides 2 meals a day in the dining room. 

Recreation center “Terskol” of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, KBR, Elbrus district, Terskol, 8 (86638) 7-14-14, 7-13-22, 7-11-40, 7-14-62

The Terskol campus is located at the foot of Elbrus in the flood plain of the Azau mountain river, in a pine forest at an altitude of 2125 meters above sea level, 3 km from the Azau cable car and 1.5 km from the Cheget cable car. For accommodation are ready 2-and 3-bed rooms of various categories. At the service of holidaymakers: a full 3 meals a day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, ice-cream parlor, modern cinema-concert hall, library, radio, conference room, rental of ski equipment with ski storage and drier for shoes, gym, table tennis, A skating rink, a Russian bath, a sports hall, a wireless Wi-Fi access point to the Internet, a medical center.

 Recreation center "YOUTH" KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus, 8 (86638) 7-81-98

It is located 0.5 km from the village of Elbrus in a beautiful pine forest. Works round the clock and is designed for 200 seats in summer and 70-80 in winter. Accommodation and infrastructure: The rooms are four-bedded. There are two-room "luxury" and "junior suite" with all amenities. There is a dining room, a medical center, ski equipment rental. On the territory there are: a games room, table tennis, billiards and a sports field.

Recreation center "Tegenekli" KBR, Elbrus rn, s.Tegenekli, 8 (86638) 7-81-40

Recreation center "Tegenekli" is located 8 km from the complex of cable cars "Cheget" and 11 km from the cable cars of Elbrus. On one side the building is surrounded by a coniferous forest, on the other - mountains.

Holidaymakers "Tegenekli" are located in a two-story building - on the first floor there are double rooms with private facilities on the block and two two-room "junior suites", on the second floor there are rooms without conveniences with two and four beds.

 Recreation center "SOKOL" KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus village 8-928-711-95-31

The recreation center is located on the left bank of the Baksan River, in a pine forest. The rooms are double, triple and deluxe. There is a dining room, a cafe, a parking lot.

 Guest house «ANTAU» KBR, Elbrus district, Polyana Azau 8 (928) 077-88-55, 8 (962) 652-16-75

Guest house "Antau" is comfortably located in the famous resort - on the Azau meadow, in the immediate vicinity of the cable car complex. The number of rooms includes 25 rooms with balconies. Guests are offered breakfast in the restaurant of the guest house, there is a karaoke bar, WI FI, sauna with a cold pool, Finnish sauna, billiard room, table tennis. 

Guest house "EDELWEIS" KBR, Elbrus distric, Tegenekli 8 (86638) 7-88-00, 8 (86638) 7-88-01, 8 (86638) 78-804

It is located in Tegenekli on a picturesque glade in a pine forest. The boarding house, designed for 44 places combines modern design, European comfort and excellent service. To the services of tourists there are: sauna, swimming pool, 2 rooms for conferences with a projector and plasma TVs, American billiards, restaurant. Three meals a day.

Climbing camps (↑)

LLC alpinist training and sports center "Shkhelda" KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus village 8 (86638) 78-665, fax 77-09-91, 8 (928) 715-54-44

It is located at an altitude of 2000 m 127 km from the city of Nalchik. On the small territory of the center there are  shower, toilet, and medical center. In methodical cabinet there are descriptions of the routes of the district. The main building and three buildings of the tourist class have retained their original appearance since the late 40s.

On the territory of the base there is a modern 2-storied cottage of high comfort and a 3-storied building.

It is quite near to the SHCHELDA array (3B-6A), the Shchurovsky peak (5A-5B), the Ushba (4B-6A), the Chatin (3B-6A), the BZHEDUK (3B-5B), ULLU-KARA (3B-6A). The territory of the center can be reached by private vehicles. In view of the location in the border zone, the issuing of passes (in Nalchik) is necessary.

LLC alpinist training and sports center "Adyl-Su" KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus 8-928-716-09-48

It is located 120 km from Nalchik, at an altitude of 1850 m above sea level. The small territory of the center is located on a level platform in the forest, is equipped with convenient access roads and good parking for cars, which makes it more than other centers convenient for weekend periods. Living and housing conditions: a residential building with shared facilities, a comfortable cottage, with amenities in the rooms, as well as tourist class houses. Especially it should be noted that in this area there are many routes of 1-2 categories for beginners climbing, located in the gorge of Irikchat behind the village of Elbrus.

In the summer, the “Adyl- Su” center is accepted by school-age children. In the territory of "Adyl-Su" there is a dining room, tour cabinet, library, first-aid post, shower room, equipment and equipment rental, sports yard.

LLC Educational methodical center "Elbrus" KBR, Elbrus district, Elbrus village 8-928-700-40-42, fax 77-09-91

It is located just above the "Shkhelda" alpcenter on a comfortable and wide glade on the left bank of the Adyl-Su river, at an altitude of 2050 meters. The “Elbrus” center has two residential buildings of -2 store (with amenities on the floor) and a 3-storied building. In the 2-storied there are rooms "junior suite" with all conveniences, a TV and a refrigerator, in the "tourist class" buildings, 2-3-bedded rooms (toilet outside). For a separate cost, you can eat in the dining room, use the services of a method cabinet and a medical center. The Center declares its readiness to train mountaineering instructors, mine rescuers, experts in the field of industrial mountaineering.

In winter time the center accepts fans of mountain skiing. Also here in the winter there is a gentle educational ski slope for beginners with a drag lift. In comparison with the "Shkhelda", the UMC "Elbrus" has a larger number of places, convenient for living, has a spacious shady territory and convenient parking.

LLC Sports and recreational mountaineering center "Ullu-Tau" KBR, Elbrus region, Verkhny Baksan 8-928-700-23-19, 77-09-87

One of the oldest mountaineering bases in the Caucasus "Ullu-Tau" is at an altitude of about 2360 m above sea level on the northern slope of the main Caucasian Range, in the upper reaches of the beautiful Adyr-su gorge. In the gorge leads a road, ending with a 120-meter height difference. To accommodation of arriving athletes the alpbaza offers 4 buildings for 250 seats. Next to the sports grounds are the main building and two two-storied pavilions. Main building (2-storied) 2-3 bed rooms (outdoor facilities), 2 buildings of tourist class. The instructor's cottage, located nearby in a pine forest, offers accommodation for 1-4 people, (with shared facilities on the floor). The instructor of high qualification give classes on the convenient educational and training slopes and rocks.

LLC Sports and recreational mountaineering center "Bezengi" KBR Cherek district phone / fax 8 (8662) 77-59-57, 8-928-700-54-89

Mountaineering center "Bezengi" is located in the upper reaches of the picturesque Bezengi gorge, where the peaks of the Bezengi wall and the Northern massif stand, 104 km from Nalchik, at an altitude of 2200 m. This region is attractive to the five thousandths of the Caucasus and makes strict requirements to the level of training of athletes and tourists. For people who do not have any sports training, the base offers walks to picturesque places, accompanied by an experienced instructor. For beginners and third-rate climbers, the Ukyu gorge ("Warm corner") is ideal, where the hut of the same name is located. This center has good facilities for staying. Transfers to the stations Minvodi, Pyatigorsk and Nalchik are organized. The cost of living depends on whether you want to stay in a 3-bed room with all conveniences or in 4-5-bed rooms - with shared facilities. The shower is open daily. Other facilities include a sauna with a swimming pool, cafe-bar, sports ground. Accommodation in tents on the territory of the center is possible only if it is fully loaded. For sports groups registered in the center, there is a control and rescue service with experienced instructors and well-established security control system on the routes, a medical center. At the disposal of tourists and climbers are provided with radio communication facilities, a card file of peaks and passes, a repair shop. There is a rental of mountaineering equipment and sporting equipment. For groups of climbers-beginners (from 6 people), equipment is provided free of charge.

LLC "OL" Dikh-Tau "Chereksky district, Bezengi 8 (86636) 77-11-12, 8 (8662) 77-09-91, 8-928-083-48-27.


Sights (↑)

Гора Эльбрус  

Mount Elbrus is a double-cone of an extinct volcano. The western peak has a height of 5642 m, the eastern one - 5621 m. They are separated by a saddle - 5200 m and are spaced about 3 km apart. The total area of ​​the Elbrus glacier is 134.5 km2; the most famous of them are Big and Small Azau, Terskol.

The slopes of Elbrus are much less demanding to the level of skiing than Cheget, here you can find trails of any complexity.

The snow-rich fields under the second stage of the cable-car (from the “Mir” station) are especially interesting for bordists.

For the amatuers of freeride and backcountry there is an opportunity to join the groups to the guides.

In addition, the commissioning of the third stage of the “Mir-Gara-Bashi” cable car allows to increase the skiing period to the summer months.

Slopes which are outside the route in the Elbrus region are located mainly on the north side of the mountain. In order to get to the most interesting skiing areas, you have to walk along the ridge of the mountain from 10 minutes to 2 hours from the cable car stations. The northern slopes store fresh and furry snow throughout the winter. The diversity of the terrain opens up opportunities for experienced riders, as well as for people who want to try off-piste descents for the first time, to get experience and great pleasure from skating on virgin land.



Another place attractive for the  mountaineers - Bezengi.

Hulamo-Bezengi Gorge - the shortest by distance and is 50 kilometers. The gorge is known by many famous Russian and foreign alpinists. This severe but uniquely beautiful region is a popular mountaineering place.

The Bezengi Wall is the highest section of the Main Caucasian Range. Its length is 12 km. Over the Bezengi glacier, forming a "wall", there are the peaks Lalver (4350 m), Gestola (4860 m), Katin-tau (4974 m), Djangi-tau Main (5085 m), Dzhangi-Tau East (5038 m), peak Shota Rustaveli (4960 m), Shkhara West (5057 m) and Shkhara Main (5068 m).

The Bezengi glacier is one of the largest glaciers in the Caucasus, its width exceeds 1 km, and the length is about 13 km. In some places, the thickness of the ice reaches 180 m. For comparison, it should be noted that the total area of ​​glaciation of the Greater Caucasus 2000 square kilometers, or about 1.5% of the total area of ​​the Greater Caucasus. The total number of glaciers registered in the Greater Caucasus is 1400.

The mountaineering center "Bezengi" is located in the upper reaches of the picturesque Bezengi gorge where the peaks of the Bezengi wall and the Northern massif stand, 104 km from Nalchik, at an altitude of 2200 m. Currently the complex is used for professionally trained and novice alpinists.

For people who do not have any sports training, the base offers walks to picturesque places, accompanied by an experienced instructor. For beginners and third-rate climbers, the Ukyu gorge ("Warm corner") is ideal, where the hut of the same name is located. For sports groups registered on the base, there is a control and rescue service with experienced instructors and well-established security control system on the routes, a medical center. At the disposal of tourists and climbers are provided radio communication facilities, a card file of peaks and passes, a repair shop. There is a rental of mountaineering equipment and sporting equipment. It is also possible to organize individual tracking tours for any age and level of preparation.

Курорт Эльбрус

The mountainous region of Elbrus in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic has been a popular place on the tourist map of Russia for more than half a century, and tens of thousands of sportsmen and winter recreation enthusiasts from all over the world are eager to attend. They are attracted by the opportunity to conquer Elbrus - the highest mountain of Russia and Europe: its height is 5642 meters.

Modernization of the legendary resort and bringing the ski infrastructure in line with high world standards was launched in 2014 under the management of JSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus".

Now on Elbrus there are 6 tracks - two blue, three red, one green.

The snow-rich fields under the second turn of the cable car (from the “Mir” station) are especially interesting for snowboarders. For fans of freeride and backcountry there is an opportunity to join the groups to the guides.

In addition, the commissioning of the third stage of the Mir-Gara-Bashi cable car allows to increase the skiing period to the summer months.

Slopes which are outside the route in the Elbrus region are located mainly on the north side of the mountain. The northern slopes store fresh and furry snow throughout the winter. The diversity of the relief opens up opportunities for experienced riders, as well as for people who want to try off-piste descents for the first time, to get experience and great pleasure from skating on virgin land.

Чегемские водопады

Chegem waterfalls are considered one of the natural tourist attractions of Kabardino-Balkaria.

A group of Chegem waterfalls form 3 waterfalls. If we move along the Chegem gorge to the south you can see Small Chegem waterfall. It is located on the tributary of Chegem river. The waterfall is located about 200 meters from the road and outwardly resembles a huge stone trough, created by nature - over it falls the waters of the Adaysu river. This waterfall is considered the most powerful of the whole group, and its height is about 30 meters.

Further, to the south of the village of Khushto-Syrt, the Chegem gorge begins (Su-Auzu - "water from the throat") - the width of the gorge in the narrowest place is reduced to 25 meters. Within this gorge are the Great Chegem waterfalls. For traveler first of all opens a waterfall on the Sakal-Tup River - the right tributary of the Chegem river. Like the first waterfall, it looks like a giant trough with water, but different in shape and water content is much lower than that of Aday-Su.

Finally, about half a kilometer to the south opens the Main Chegem Waterfall on the Kayaarti river, another right tributary of the Chegem river. It is considered to be the most unusual of the group of Chegem waterfalls, since it is actually a whole group of waterfalls. Part of the water falls in Chegem in the form of small cascades from a height of 50-60 meters, the other sucks from the crevices of the rocks in the upper part of the wall. Falling from the ledges, the water breaks down and turns into a water dust, which, reflected in the sun, creates a sparkling rainbow pattern.

Голубое озеро

The blue lake is located at the foot of the Rocky Range, in front of a magnificent gorge. The lake is unique: with a relatively small surface, only 2.4 hectares, it has a depth of 258 meters. It is the sixth deepest lake in the former USSR. Microclimate of the lake is  ery peculiar and special.

The water temperature on the surface in winter and summer is 9.3 ° C. Not a single stream or river flows into the lake, but about 70 million liters per day flow out of the lake. Due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide, the water has a blue tone. Just behind the Blue Lake begins the gorge.

Since 2005 the Diving Center has been operating on the Blue Lake. Anyone has the opportunity to dive with the aqualung into the lake, and this applies not only to professionals who have an underwater certificate, but also to those who have never done this before, but want to learn.

One of the dangers that distinguish diving in a karst hole from sea dives is cold. You can protect yourself  by putting on warm clothes under a three-layer suit. The total weight of the equipment being worn can exceed 100 kg.

Another test is darkness. The sun does not penetrate to great depth through a relatively small window of the surface. Deeper than 100 meters, the darkness becomes pitchless, and you can not do without lights. Therefore, they work by two, insuring each other and providing psychological assistance.

You can get to the Blue Lake by shuttle bus, or by car from Nalchik. Near the Lower Blue Lake there is a hostel, which hosts guests all year round.

«Сто шагов к Кайсыну»

"Hundred steps to Kaisyn" - is a hundred marble slabs with poems of the national poet Kaisyn Kuliev carved on them and the statements of famous people about him.

The complex is a 350-meter-long wall that supports the slope along the road leading to the saklya where the poet was born, and protects the road from screes. One hundred of poems are divided into 10 thematic blocks, in particular: "Peace and joy to you, living!", "I tell my native land", "Prayer to the rocks". In the "Message to Women" block, 10 poems are dedicated to the mother, wife, beloved.

The idea of ​​the memorial complex appeared in 2012, when the family estate of the Kulievs was restored – it is a kind of block of 11 houses, the oldest of which is over 700 years old, it is the same age as the nearby Zylga cemetery.

Saklya, where Kaisyn Kuliev was born, is situated at the foot of the mountain. Two doors, one, as expected, leads to the Hall. Here the room is wide. Entering the second, we see a place for the hearth, the smoke from which went into the hole in the roof. Fragments of a spacious wooden trestle were preserved. Another room, intended for parents, was smaller. The youngest of nine children, Kaisyn, lost his father at the age of two. It was not easy for a boy from a distant Balkarian village to comprehend a great literacy and become a teacher in a pedagogical institute.

Today, more than 40 plates have been installed with the poems of the great Balkarian poet. The alley of the complex will be decorated with lanterns and benches.

Термальные источники «Аушигер»

These sources are well known in Kabardino-Balkaria and beyond. They are located 25 km from Nalchik. You can get to the thermal springs of Aushiger in just 20 minutes. The range of influence of this thermal water on healing from various diseases is huge.

By their appearance, the sources are indebted to the occasion. In the 1950s, geologists in the village of Aushiger sought oil, for which they drilled a well. There was no oil, but the water came in handy.

Water sources with nitric-carbonic, sodium-calcium and bromine compounds, about 50 degrees, comes out of the hole a few kilometers deep. There is no radioactivity in this water.

The water of the thermal springs of Ausheger is used both for therapeutic bathing and for drinking treatment. This water treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, vascular disease, skin, gastrointestinal tract, etc. The bathing session should be about 15-20 minutes, then rest about 20 minutes. And such repetitions can be several a day. Drinking treatment with water by Aushiger should also be strictly dosed and prescribed by a doctor.

In the pools, it falls through the pipes. Near these pipes, the water temperature is higher, about 60 degrees.

Water procedures are very pleasant, you do not want to go out. The water is soft. It's hard to swim because of the temperature, there is a strain on the heart. You just need to relax and lie down, like in a narzan bath. After bathing, the skin is velvety and smooth, slightly pink, with a slight weakness in the body.

The territory of the aushiger springs is well-organized. There is a swimming pool (lake) in the open air, where you can take a dip in hot thermal water. Also you can order a booth with a small pool and relaxation room, sauna, gazebo with barbecue. There are cafes and shops, rooms for living, as well as its own car park. There is a medical center, changing rooms, equipped descents to the pool, shops with canopies, toilet, cafes.

The daily flow of tourists and tourists in the summer reaches 500-600 people.

The main pool is shallow - an average of about 1 m. At the bottom is small pebbles. There is therapeutic blue clay. Clay, as well as the water of these thermal springs, helps in the treatment of various diseases.

Лечебно-оздоровительная местность «ДЖИЛЫ-СУ»

In the northern part of Mount Elbrus there is a tract of DZHILY-SU  a unique and beautiful place of Kabardino-Balkaria.
In accordance with the regulations on the specially protected health-improving area of ​​ DZHILY-SU, it is declared a mountain-climatic health resort of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, having regional significance, a regime of protection of the natural territory was introduced. The terrain refers to the zones of a regulated visit and stay.
You can get to DZHILY-SU by a new asphalt road from Kislovodsk towards the village of Kichi-Balyk. The distance from Kislovodsk to DZHILY-SU is about 80 km. The road will take an hour and a half, if you do not make stops. The journey to DZHILY-SU itself is already interesting: the road then steeply descends into the gorge, it also rises steeply to the high plateau.  
To regulate the flow of holidaymakers and provide them with quality services on the territory of the sources, the state medical-improving institution “DZHILY-SU” was established. With the forces of which the territory is being arranged, the sources themselves, premises are being built for the reception of tourists.
The season lasts 3-4 months - from May to September. Mobile communication - operator Megafon.
DZHILY-SU is translated as warm water and is widely known for its medicinal qualities of mineral water. More than fourteen sources are scattered along the tract in the upper part of the Malka River at an altitude of 2380 meters.
This natural key, beating from under the ground - hot narzan, has a unique healing property, rich in mineral and organic substances. In other words, it is translated as "a drink of a hero". He is considered to be the main source of strength for the tribes of the sled that lived in ancient times. The uniqueness of the narrated source of Gil-Su lies in its composition, which is similar to Pyatigorsk mineral waters, its high temperature (+ 22-24), and on the surface it "boils".

Taking a bath of hot narzan DZHILY-SU there comes a persistent effect of the recovery of the nervous system, which improves memory, headaches disappear, the pressure returns to normal. For people with musculoskeletal diseases this unique water helps to remove salt from the joints, restore their mobility, has a healing effect, improves the tone of the vessels, all thanks to the combination of the temperature regime and the action of the chemical composition of the DZHILY-SU water in which there is a high concentration of calcium , silicon, which has a beneficial effect on the bone system. 

Минеральные воды источника Гедуко

If you go from the city of Prohladny to Elbrus by passing the village of Kishpek, then it's enough just to find a sports and recreational complex "Geduko" constructed on the site of a Kishpek mineral spring. The complex is a small water park with two swimming pools, a water slide, a zone for children, as well as booths with a pool where you can relax or celebrate a family holiday. On the territory there are football and volleyball courts, table tennis and there is a well-developed infrastructure for comfortable pastime.

Complex "Geduko" is an opportunity to entertain and be treated at the same time. The thermal water of the Kishpek spring has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, enhances blood flow. Visiting the spring is recommended for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, as well as with gynecological diseases and skin lesions. "Geduco" - one of the few places of this kind, where you can relax with the whole family, even with small children.

Изображения не найдены

Атажукинский сад

One of the most beautiful parks in the North Caucasus Atazhukinsky Garden is the main decoration of the city of Nalchik. In its shady alleys, there are 156 types of trees and shrubs. Plants brought from Northern and Southern Europe, America and Asia were planted on an area of ​​over two hundred hectares. This is a unique species of Japanese quince, hop-hog, Japanese spiked oak, maple-leafed plane tree, Canadian bumper, paulownia (Adamovo tree), Manchurian nut, Far Eastern honeysuckle Ruprecht, Amur lilac. In the garden there is a rare specimen - a relict two-bladed gingko, a plant that appeared on earth six and a half billion years ago.

The date of the foundation of the park is the middle of the XIX century: "... in 1847, the head of the Caucasus Line Center received from the governor of the Caucasus an order on the organization of the Nalchik fortification of a state fruit garden", designed to become a "recreation place for the command staff of the fortress and for the purpose of popularization among the local population ... gardening. "

Cuttings of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, apricots, edible chestnut, and grape whips were imported from Crimea and Georgia. A gardener was invited from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Гора Уллу-Тау

Ullu-Tau Mountain is one of the most popular places of power in Russia. This mysterious place is located on the territory of the Main Caucasian ridge in the most beautiful nature reserve "Elbrus" in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Locals call this place Mother Mountain. This is how it is translated from Balkarian.

The Ullu-Tau mountain impresses with its grandeur and pristine beauty. The locals call it also God's mountain. Here you feel as if in a temple.

Ullu-Tau has the strongest energy. The magical atmosphere of purity, joy and goodness literally permeates the person who is here. Getting on the array, a person is dipped into the unknown world.

Legends that the highest mountain of Adyr-Su gorge possesses inexplicable power and fulfills desires is transmitted from generation to generation in the Caucasus. Ullu-Tau fulfills only the main human desires. And most often women. This is a mountain of female happiness.

The massif is located in the Adyr-Su gorge in the center of the Main Caucasian Range. This place is striking with its splendor: the clearest transparent air, flowering slopes and sparkling snow-capped peaks.

Those who have visited this amazing place say that they feel an incredible surge of energy, vitality, and joy.