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Health care remains one of the most important segments of the social policy of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

High-tech assistance is provided in
“Republican Clinical Hospital”
“Cardiology center”
“City Clinical Hospital No. 2”
“Interdistrict multidisciplinary hospital”

High technologies were introduced in 6 profiles: traumatology-orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, abdominal surgery, neurosurgery, urology, obstetrics-gynecology.

In 2014, the Regional Vascular Center and two primary departments in the city of Prokhladny and Nalchik were established. The center and departments are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, endovascular interventions, angiography, thrombolysis, and other modern methods of treatment are performed in the RIC. The center, which is considered the best in the North Caucasus, is supervised by the chief freelance neurosurgeon of the Russian Ministry of Health, Academician V.Krylov, who regularly visits the center.

Construction and reconstruction

“Republican Clinical Hospital”- full equipment with modern medical equipment made the institution one of the most demanded surgical institutions in the region in which the most complex operations are performed.

“City Clinical Hospital No. 1”– a new building has been commissioned and equipped, the hospital is one of the major institutions of the republic.

The republic has become almost the only region where the need for rural health facilities is almost completely satisfied.

In 2014-2016 years. A large-scale project has been implemented in KBR: 52 new buildings of feldsher-obstetricstations and 10 dispensaries have been built and put into operation. The republic has become almost the only region where the need for rural health facilities is almost completely satisfied.

In Anzorei, village of Leskensky District, a new modern hospital was put into operation, on the basis of which the preparations for the opening of the center for endovascular surgery, lithotripsy and rehabilitation of people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system

"Central District Hospital" in the city of Nartkala was transformed into the "Interdistrict Multiple Hospital" and it was almost the first regional hospital in the country to obtain a license for high-tech medical care.

Currently, within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Improving the Resilience of Residential Buildings, Major Facilities and Life Support Systems in the Seismic Regions of the Russian Federation for 2009-2018" from December 13, 2013, No. 676, the construction of a new hospital building in the city of Prokhladniyis underway.

Reduction of mortality

Systemic work to strengthen the material and technical base of the republic's health, to raise the level of specialists, to improve the organization of the medical process, made medical assistance, including high-tech, accessible to the residents of the republic. Kabardino-Balkaria has become one of the regions where in recent years there has been a steady decline in death rates by main classes.

According to the results of 2016 in Kabardino-Balkaria, the overall mortality rate decreased by 3.4%, amounting to 8.5 per 1000 population compared to 8.8 for the same period of 2015 (for comparison: in Russia as a whole, 12.9).

Decrease has been achieved, including, according to the criteria noted in Presidential Decree No. 598 "On the improvement of public health policy" and traditionally occupying the largest volume in the structure of the death rate of the population.

As a result of 2016, in comparison with the same period in 2015, the death rate decreased by:
6.5% of cardiovascular diseases, amounting to 458.3 per 100 thousand people (RF-614.1)
5.8% of tumors - 132.1 per 100 thousand people of the population (RF - 201.6)
28.3% of road accidents - 6.6 per 100 thousand people (RF - 10.8)
< 24.7% of tuberculosis: 7.3 per 100 thousand people (RF - 7.5).

Infant mortality by the end of 2016 was 6.7 per thousand live births, which is 1.5% lower compared to last year (according to the NCFD - 9.1).

Information on medical organizations of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

“Republican Clinical Hospital”
Address: KBR, Nalchik, Nogmova street, 91
Tel: 42-55-18.

Republican Children's Clinical Hospital”
Address: 360000, KBR, Nalchik, Shogenova St., 4
Tel: 8 (8662) 73-04-12, 8 (8662) 73-09-39

"Anti-tuberculosis dispensary"
Address: 360032, KBR Nalchik, Dubki, the hospital town
Tel: 8 (8662) 730-176 Fax: 8 (8662) 730-531

"Oncological dispensary"
Address: 360000, Nalchik, Lermontova street 23
Tel: 8 (8662) 42-56-42; 8 (8662) 42-43-82;
Tel/fax: 8 (8662) 42-23-86;

Medical Consultative and Diagnostic Center”
Address: KBR, Nalchik, Pirogova street, 4
Tel: 40-53-50; 42-14-35; 42-03-23;

“Cardiology center”
Address of the institution: 360032, KBR, Nalchik, Dubki, Hospital town
Tel:73-08-48; 73-05-26; 73-05-25

"Narcological Dispensary"  
Address: 360022, KBR, Nalchik, Turgenev street, 4
Tel: (8662) 77-21-14, (8662) 77-61-34
E-mail: ndkbr@mail.ru  

“Republican Endocrinology Center”  
Address: 360000, Nalchik, Pirogova street 4,
Tel: 42-05-27; 42-35-18.

“Perinatal Center”
Addresses: 360032, KBR, Nalchik, Shogenova street, 4
Tel: 8 (8662) 73-02-95.
E-mail: perinatal-kbr@rambler.ru

“Republican dental center named after T.Kh. Tkhazaplizhev”  
Address: 360000, KBR, Nalchik, Gorkogo St. 33.
Tel: 42-10-91 fax: 42-10-91

“Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases”
Address: 360000, KBR, Nalchik, Golovko street, 7.
Tel/fax: 42-64-34

“The specialized children's home”  
Address: KBR, Nalchik, Shogenova St., 32, building 4.
Tel: 8 (8662) 73-00-04; 73-09-81

“City Clinical Hospital No. 2”

Adress: 360903 KBR, Nalchik, Hasanya, Attoeva street, 1 "a"
Tel: 8 (8662) 40-22-05, 40-21-14

“Psychoneurological Dispensary”
Address: KBR, Nalchik, Naloyeva street, 15
Tel: 73-03-79, 73-03-49

“City Clinical Hospital No. 1”
 Address: 360000, KBR, Nalchik, Golovko street, 7.
Tel: (8662) 42-14-14; 42-34-70; 42-14-39.

“Skin and Venereal Dispensary”
Address: 360000, KBR, Nalchik, Osetinskaya street, 134
Tel: +7 (8662) 77 52 40; 77 54 90; Fax +7 (8662) 77 52 40
Official site: www.kb-kvd.ru