In 2016 the sportsmen of the republic successfully performed at the XXXI Summer Olympic Games and XV Summer Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Russian national team included: Mudranov Beslan (judo), Geduyev Aniuar (freestyle wrestling), Makhov Bilyal (freestyle wrestling), Dadasheva Milan (women's wrestling), Kuchina Maria (athletics) and Botvich Ivan (athletics among individuals with defeat of the musculoskeletal system).

At these Olympic Games Mudranov Beslan won a gold medal, and Geduyev Aniuar became a silver medalist.

High sports results are the result of qualitative preparation of the sports reserve. In 2016, 131 athletes of the republic were also included in the junior and adult sports teams of Russia, taking prizes in competitions of various levels.

Starting from January 1, 2016, the sportsmen of the republic took part in 126 sports events of the international, All-Russian and inter-regional level on Olympic and non-Olympic sports, 452 times became winners and prize-winners.

On the territory of the republic there is one sports training center and the state autonomous institution “Professional football club “Spartak-Nalchik”, 46 sports schools with 204 departments, in which 35 793 students are engaged in 39 sports.

The work is under way to upgrading the existing system of training the sports reserve, which leads to the transfer of existing institutions to a new type of organization. The formation of a new regulatory and legal framework, in order to ensure uniform approaches to the organization of sports training and the growth of sports results. This 2017 year should be the year of completion of the ongoing reform in the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports aimed at the transition of sports organizations to institutions of a new type.

In 2016, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic became the venue for major interregional, All-Russian and international sports events. More than 160 events have been held, and it is necessary especially mention such events as:
the championship and the championship of Russia in alpine skiing among men and women; The championship of Russia in judo among juniors and juniors up to 23 years;
the championship of Russia in Taekwondo among juniors of 15-17 years;
the Russian Chess Championship among persons with musculoskeletal injuries;

Championship of the Armed Forces of Russia in judo among youth under 21 and up to 23 years; All-Russian tournaments, championships and championships of the North Caucasus Federal District of Russia in various sports.

High sports achievements are a vivid example for the citizens of the republic and an important factor in involving in physical education and sports.
So, for today the rate of the population, regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, makes 32.5 percent of the total population.

In order to attract more groups of the population to active physical training and sports, more than 100 sports events were held, which are one of the main tools for popularizing mass sports. Among the events it is necessary to mention:
the decade of sport and health during the New Year holidays,
the All-Russian project "Mini Football in School,"
the Games of Pensioners, workers of municipalities, officials of ministries and departments,
the regional stages of the football match "The Leather Ball 2016"
the 27th All-Russian Olympic Day
the All-Russian Running Day "Cross of the Nation - 2016"
the republican stage of the Festival of Culture and Sports of the peoples of the Caucasus in 12 sports.

One of the most important activities is the development of sports infrastructure. Last year, a lot of work was done to put into operation sports facilities, the construction of which was conducted for a long time.

The construction of a sports complexes has been completed in different settlements part of the republic such as Anzorey, Primalkinsky, Zolskoye, Nartkala.
The reconstruction of the Sports Complex “Kristall” was completed in 2016 in Nalchik.
In addition, three objects are at the completion stage, these are:
- sports and fitness center in Prokhladny;
- training football field with an artificial surface at the stadium "Spartak";
- football field in Nalchik.