Multifunctional ski resort "Azau"

The projected multifunctional ski resort "Azau" is located in the highland region of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic at a distance of 3.5 km, to the west of the village. Terskol on the south-western slope of Mount Elbrus at an altitude of + 2350 meters.

The construction site is of a complex nature.

In a constructive way, the complex of the ski stadium is a multi-tiered building made of monolithic reinforced concrete and a prefabricated monolithic frame.

Internal engineering support.

The project provides for the provision of the facility with a complex of engineering equipment and systems.

The hotel premises, public catering establishments, shops, leisure facilities, office, domestic technical premises, rental points, medical and rescue centers are equipped with systems of cold and hot water supply, sewerage, electric lighting. In public catering establishments there is a gas supply system. All premises are equipped with centralized heat supply from an autonomous gas boiler house.

The project provides for the installation of a security and fire alarm system and fire extinguishing systems of premises, such as parking of cars and buses, commercial premises and catering facilities, hotels and others, according to fire safety rules.

The project provides for the telephony of the complex's facilities, for which no less than 10 pairs of telephone lines are entered into the building and an internal automatic telephone exchange is installed.

In addition, the buildings of the complex are equipped with television antennas for collective use, for rescue centers with the GLONASS system and GPS, with radio communication.

Landscaping and gardening.

In order to create a single architectural ensemble of the project, the project provides for a complex of measures for the improvement and gardening of the territory of the ski stadium.

The project provides for the installation of avalanche protection structures, access roads with a hard surface, pedestrian paths, sidewalks and sites, covered with paving slabs.

Landscaping of the object implies the creation of a zone of flower beds, lawns in harmony with the picturesque natural landscape.

Protection of the environment.

Activities and works on environmental protection provide for the maximum use of existing access roads to the facilities of the complex.

The production of construction and installation works within the protected areas is carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the special Rules and Regulations for them, prevention and cleaning and cleaning of waste and garbage is envisaged.