Since 2013, the investment project of the LLC "Yug-Agro" is being implemented in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. “The construction of a poultry complex for the production of 18,670 tons of broiler meat and 11,980 tons of turkey meat in a single technological cycle with a total capacity of 30,650 tons of meat per year (live weight)”, received state guaranteed support. The project cost is 5 billion 269 million rubles.

The project planned to be financed by Vnesheconombank's loan funds in the amount of 3 billion 688 million rubles and own funds in the amount of 1 billion 581 million rubles.

The state guarantee of the Government of Russian Federation was provided for 2 billion 581 million 487 thousand rubles.

The state guarantee of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, which is presented in favor of Russian Federation in securing Yug-Agro's obligations, was approved in the amount of at least 10% of the amount of the borrowed loan (368.8 million rubles).

The loan agreement with the state corporation ofVnesheconombank was concluded on May 8, 2013. The actual use of the loan was made possible in early April 2014, 11 months after the signing of the loan agreement.

Loans in the amount of 1 billion 97 million rubles were received and spent (the loan rate - 11.5%).

Due to the termination of financing from Vnesheconombank, the project was suspended.

The issue of renewal of financing of this investment project has been considered repeatedly, including three times in the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the affairs of the North Caucasus.

In the financial model of the investment project, changes were made related to the refusal to sell turkey meat and to increase the production of broiler meat from 18,670 tons to 27,000 tons.

, an agreement on drafting and reviewing an additional agreement was reached with “Vnesheconombank”.

However, in February 2016, the management of “Vnesheconombank” was changed, and earlier agreements on signing an additional agreement were canceled. Time frames of the consideration of the additional agreement are postponed.

Currently, construction and installation work has been suspended. The implementation of the investment project and the progress of construction and installation work are under the control of the interdepartmental commission formed by the decree of the Government of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic dated August 7, 2015, No. 505-rp.